How we broke the rules in adventure Teide, Tenerife

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Finally, it snowed in volcano Teide. We wanted to see snow in Teide several years ago, on our first visit to Tenerife. And it finally happened. At the mase evening when the weather forecast announced ‘It is snowing in Tenerife’ I started packing for a trip. On the morning of this adventure Teide (as I named it) I had no idea that this trip will lead me to leaving fears behind and breaking rules.

This adventure Teide started at 5.40 a.m. All three of us – my husband, son and me, happy but a bit sleepy jumped into the car still in the darkness, took a different road than usual - we chose road passing small town Chio (road No. TF-82) than driving the usual road through Vilaflor (road No. TF-21). We took off to our trip to snowy Teide before sunrise. In a rush and eager to see the unusual sunrise by the volcano!!! We imagined that snow would make it special. Taking curve after curve, up and down the road we‘ve noticed small fields of snow. Hallelujah! SNOW in Teide! Our dream to shoot Teide in snow was coming to reality.  We were happy and cheerful!

Breaking rules – invites adventure!

I’m the one who obeys rules and believes in justice and peace. I’m naïve. A woman should be naïve in some extent, don’t you agree? Well, it’s the other story. When it snowed in Teide, the roads were closed to volcano; in order to clean them. We thought one day is enough to clean the roads. Not big deal! But to our great surprise we bumped into the sigh that said ‘cerrado’ – ‘closed’. Well, the sign was by the roadside, so we pretended there was no sign. Frankly, I felt little anxious and one phrase rang in my head ‘breaking rules - invites adventure’! So our adventure Teide continued.

With slippers on snow and meeting the fears

As we were driving further, snow was seen everywhere - even on the road. We were late for dawn. Disappointed we felt. We had to slow down; the road was entirely covered in snow and ice. And it dawned to me – our car had summer shoes – tires. Can you imagine driving up the volcano in slippers (summer tires) on icy road!!! What the … idiots we are! And with a baby in a car!!!

I became silent.  Horror, panic, terror, dread, fright … and my imagination was on its peak.  ‘What irresponsible mother I am. Risking our lives for some amazing photos as if I haven’t seen snow. I spent one third of my life’s winters with snow and cold. And more, I have doubts for my husband’s driving abilities! I don’t trust him driving carefully. But he looks so calm and at ease. What have I done!?’ These were my thoughts and road became one-way icy track. Our baby woke up and I was all captured with my fears; he started crying. This was the adventure Teide!

Stop the mind – leave your fears behind

Our car was still moving slowly because of icy road like a ski on snow. I remained silent and wrapped in my terrifying fears. I didn’t want to disturb my husband’s driving and pretended that everything was fine, for our son to be calm. My imagination was rejoicing – I thought how the car was sliding from the road, and I even could see a newspaper heading ‘Stupid tourists break the law and their necks!’ Then my husband asked me why was I so silent? But he didn’t need to ask, he knew that I was afraid and terrified.

After this question I had realized I had to stop this nonsense in my head. I had to trust my partner and I had started saying to myself that everything would be fine; the adventure Teide had continued. The sun had risen, it had already been a beautiful day and a fantastic scenery – pine trees in white coats glistering in the sun. It became warmer and we could turn off the heating. The thermometer showed - 3 degrees Celsius. I became a bit relaxed and tried to enjoy the view. Till…

Snow is something for locals

Further on the turn of the road we saw a car that seemed to be stuck in snow. We stopped as well; thought people needed help. A middle aged couple was walking around the car. A man looked like he was intoxicated. They shouted something to each other in Spanish. Then the man climbed in the car and started it. I was horrified! He would be driving! The road was only one way! There was no place for cars to pass each other! His car roared like a grizzly and moved. The man was driving like crazy, like he’d lost his mind, well he was drunk. After some time, he managed to drive his car on the road. The adventure Teide continued.

Their car and our car were standing in front of each other. We wanted to drive further and they wanted to drive backwards. We started going in reverse down the hill. My imagination came into power again. ‘What an immature woman I was!” My thoughts were stopped when we saw a car coming to us. Now we were stuck between two cars. The claret car stopped and a young girl jumped from it. We had a chat – they wanted to go further. Of course snow in volcano Teide was something for locals. They were coming to make selfies!

Saved by the girl and sliding the road

I was tired. Our son was happy playing but wanted to get out of his chair, so started buzzing like a bee. I had to take him on my lap. ‘Oh, leave that safety for someone else!’ My mind was screaming! My head seemed to blow up in any second. A mind blowing adventure Teide! We were saved by the girl in a claret car. She convinced that drunk man to let us pass their car.

For a short moment I thought how brave he was – drove his car like a jeep. Well, it looked like he knew what he was doing and it was not the first time for him. Eventually, we were driving further till the moment our car’s bottom touched the snow and our car was sliding the road. It was a sign to stop. We didn’t want to brake the car because it was a rented car. The adventure Teide had to stop.

Relax and take it easy

It was still cold outside so our son and I stayed in the car. Daddy took his photo camera and went to make some pictures. The sun was already up; it was almost noon. Still the view was marvelous. When the car stopped I had relaxed. I washed out all my fears knowing we were not going further. And that moment I felt a bit happy that we made it. I was thankful to my husband he was so confident.

Later when I asked him if he was afraid, he said he was afraid only in breaking the car. I was ashamed I had some doubts of his driving abilities, but at the same time I was glad I didn’t get into panic and could control my thoughts.  When my husband returned after some time, he said that road was closed a bit further and nobody could drive forward.

Adventure Teide an incredible experience!

Driving back, we met a dozen cars coming up the road closer to the volcano.  And the road police had been stopping everyone and telling the road was closed. We were glad that we didn’t mind the sign and drove closer to volcano. Finally, we have seen it in snow. How extraordinary the Tenerife island is – there is minus by the volcano and plus 30 in the beach. Where in the whole world can you find such differences of temperature!

But most importantly is the personal experience I had. So many fears and doubts that I should overcome. That meant I must take another adventure like this adventure Teide to leave my fears behind. I gave a promise to myself to make my life adventurous. The adventures and experiences are those that keep us alive and make us enjoy life and feel happy. Life without adventures is boring, it’s more existing than enjoying the life.

Keep on your happiness and enjoy the moment right now!

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