Tenerife photo spots based on Google maps (Oceanscape at Night)

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About location:

North of Tenerife. If you love oceanscape photography you should travel the north of the island Tenerife. While a relatively small island, the northern half has distinctly different weather than the southern part. Locals say that they only believe a forecast for a day or so because conditions can change quite quickly and unexpectedly. So if you are bored of sunbathing check weather on the north of Tenerife and go for photography adventures. I added this place to the MAP “Best Tenerife photo spots”. All pictures in this post you’ll find in the map: No 7 – Oceanscape at night

How to get a map – Best Tenerife photo spots?

Why? I’m traveler and photographer and I always have the same problem on trevels: How to find exact location for photography. That’s why I created a map with pictures of exact Tenerife photography places based on google maps.

  1. All places on the map have exact coordinates.
  2. All places on the map have it’s pictures.
  3. Turn on “Best Tenerife photography places” in your google maps APP.
  4. Choose a spot with photo you like and navigate google map there.

Map is here: Tenerife photo places MAP

Add your photo-place: You can add your photos with exact coordinates and your name in a map “Best Tenerife Photography Places”. Contact: link24happiness@gmail.com

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